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About B Lovee


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B Lovee is a passionate wordsmith, spoken word artist and motivational speaker based out of Richmond, Virginia.  As a partner to many different organizations and business in Richmond, published author of his first and second flipped-side book, “CRAZY/SANE,” and overall community leader and advocate, at the age of 21, B Lovee uses his gifts and talents to “Bridge the gap that labels create,” through lyrics, performing arts, entrepreneurship, and lovee. 


Bridging the Gap

As a 21 year old, South-Side native, my perspective, and my outside appearance gives the youth an image to relate to, but ultimately look up to, while at the same time showing the older generation that the cover doesn’t define the book. In this day and age, our media is plagued with negative examples for our young people to observe, and mirror. My job is to be a positive reflection for the kids and adults to witness, leaving them with the understanding that they too can live up to who they truly were created to be.

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